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Re: kernel-image-2.6.16-2 on oldworld (success with a small change in config)

On Fri, Sep 08, 2006 at 11:21:59PM -0700, brian wrote:
> hans -
> did you put modules=dep in the config file inside the
> directory of etc/initramfs-tools.

I have had modules=most in /etc/initramfs-tools since I reported
bug #366620.

> then run update-initramfs.
> may need discover package, so it can see all the
> modules.

Since the right modules seems to be placed in the initrd, installing
discover does not sound useful.

> be careful --
> the changes in initrd  i have looked at for some
> hours,
> they are pretty complex.

The right modules seems to be included in the initrd, but perhaps that
is not enough.

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