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Re: caution: disc upgrades wallstreet & earlier powerbooks

> the note on the wall street says it is a hardware
> problem on the motherboard. something to do with udma,
> these were early versions of that aka ata-33. maybe
> newer drives can switch down to older/slower, i don't
> know.

This is weird... first those old motherboards don't support U/DMA at all
(MDMA2 is the best you can get), and the media bay and internal IDE are
separate... I wouldn't have been surprised of such weird bugs in OHare
(the chipset used in the 3400) but Heathrow (used in the wallstreet)
should be much more sane... Oh welll.

> anyway i am trying to live with this after taking 
> my book apart 3 times, returning drive for exchange,
> reformatting, etc leaving it in now, it appears ok. 
> runs great by the way !
> one other thing although appeared ata33 w/ macos8.6,
> if using bootx or any mac stuffs, mac drivers would
> seem to fail with anything less than 9.1. (don't know
> about 10.x..)
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