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caution: disc upgrades wallstreet & earlier powerbooks


i had sat up most all night with my old powerbook this

week several i thought i should share some of this

this hard drive i got to give me more space for etch,
sarge, and my 68k experiments/exchanges, called

IBM DYLA-28100, (has a couple alias names too).

corrupts its own data sometimes when there is cd in
expansion bay. although i have a pb3400, apples tech
note describes problem with Wall Street and i have
experience similar/worse problem.

this is a nice drive once i clued in on this, much
better than what i had, but must use the fake/empty
expansion module and external cd.

i have tried from both sides, mac os and debian and
i got copy errors from parted (restoring my backup)
which sounded like backup drive was also bad, but 
in fact not.

the note on the wall street says it is a hardware
problem on the motherboard. something to do with udma,
these were early versions of that aka ata-33. maybe
newer drives can switch down to older/slower, i don't

anyway i am trying to live with this after taking 
my book apart 3 times, returning drive for exchange,
reformatting, etc leaving it in now, it appears ok. 
runs great by the way !

one other thing although appeared ata33 w/ macos8.6,
if using bootx or any mac stuffs, mac drivers would
seem to fail with anything less than 9.1. (don't know
about 10.x..)

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