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Re: Bug#382129: Beta3 won't boot on OldWorld PowerPC Mac

On Sat, Sep 02, 2006 at 07:17:06PM -0400, You who does not read others'
posts wrote:
> There were no Macintosh computers that used the 6502 processors.
> The Apple II line of computers used the 8-bit 6502s, but the first
> Macintosh machine used the  Motorola 68000 processors.   By the way,
> the 6502s were manufactured by MOS Technologies, not Motorola.  :-)

My mistake has already been pointed out by someone else days ago,
so there is no need to insist on it. I must also add the 6502 has
been designed by engineers from Motorola. It misled me...

BTW, this is off-topic on a powerpc list. :)

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