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Re: 17" Powerbook fan turns on when starting into Ubuntu Dapper

Charles Plessy wrote:
> Le Thu, Aug 10, 2006 at 02:53:34PM -0700, Adam D a écrit :
>> Upon startup and starting the network interfaces and then the portmap
>> the fan turns on full throttle and spins for a while. It is semi loud
>> and is rather annoying.   Is there a way not to have the fan spin when
>> booting into Ubunto on startup?  
> Dear Adam,
> isn't it that some fan drivers do not work when compiled as modules? At
> least it is the case on iMacs. Are you using a windfarm fan driver?
> Have a nice day,

I am not to sure.  It is the same kernel Ubuntu stock kernel from installation (2.6.15-23-powerpc).  I have taken the config from that kernel and made my own with the latests stable vanilla kernel but it did not work to well.

I am going to try to compile it again tonight.  I do think the stock kernel has the windfarm as a module as most of the stock kernel is compiled with modules all around.


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