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Re: Q: Install of Etch on a RS/6000 B80

On Thu, 27 Jul 2006 04:40:06 +0200, Torsten Zirzlaff
<zirzlaff@nienor.s.bawue.de> wrote:

>I have serious problems installing Etch on a RS/6000 B80 (I presume). 
>The install with the net-install image boots fine and the ppc64 kernel
>works fine during install. But when I'm finished with the install and 
>try to boot from the harddisk I only got the message from yaboot, that 
>the filesystem is corruped and it could not read /etc/yaboot.conf.
>   When I try to boot the system manually I got the kernel started, but 
>the kernel does not load the initrd.img and is not able to mount a root 
>   Has anyone a similar problem and/or may be an idea what Ihave to do 
>that I could boot my system from harddisk?
>   Torsten

I had same issue when I tried to partition hard disk manually before
installation (to have system installed to software RAID). Finally I resorted to
automatic disk patritioning and everything went fine (although debian installer
complained about inability to install kernel!)


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