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Re: yaboot and jfs

Mike Small <smallm@panix.com> writes:

> dtutty@porchlight.ca writes:
> ...
>> I currently use grub on the x86 and am very happy with it.  Does Grub 2
>> work on PPC?  Previously it hasn't; I'm not sure what the difference is
>> between them (other than where their configs go).
>> Doug.
> It worked on my G4 PowerMac last time I tried it.  One of the
> contributors for the PowerPC part of it works for IBM, I think, so
> maybe it will work on your machine too.
> I believe it's a full re-write.

It's now in Debian unstable.  However... it is still experimental.
There are certain things grub2 needs (ofpathname, from IBM
powerpc-utils) not yet packaged for Debian.  It would be nice to use
ofpath from yaboot as a replacement to remove this dependency (or,
better, merge the two utilities into one).

The setup scripts also need some work; checking upstream, they have
differences from the ix86 scripts which need fixing (probably just
outdated in some cases).

Summary: it should work if you are prepared to mess around, but it
needs some work before it is generally usable.  If anyone has the time
and desire to work on this, it would be very useful; I don't currently
have the time to work on it myself.


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