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my etch hard drive became unavailable

hi, maybe it just died in its sleep, but maybe not.

i put it in sleep a few days ago and forgot, thought
i had shut it down (sometimes i don't see a blinking power led)
so i hit the power-startup key...

no disk ! none of my mac os or linix utils could see the hard
drive. to mac it was invisible, however booting the debian
installer, i just got some very brief message about the
disk not responding and it turning the bus off.

lucky i had a (blank) disk on hand and some half way recent mac
backups (including bunch of fink stuff ) --

unlucky i had just gotten to backing up my sarge, had not
suspected this one to go. glad i didn't put this disk
in my older box tho.

probably just my problem, but i thought i should check
anyway -- or caution. i hadn't even backed up my personal
files here, never mind my system, i am going to have to say
its cost me a month or two. luckily i had not been using it
much because of short on space and an old battery.

by the way my trick for backing up should i tell, why not.

in the debian installer under manual partitioning there is
an option to copy. you can go in a shell and use parted, but
that is sort of the hard way. it took me longer to get to
the partitioning step than to do the copy/ restore -
that is it is pretty fast there in the installer raw copy.


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