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Re: Can't run RAR binary

Hey Lawrence,

Lawrence Li wrote:
I was trying to use RAR to unzip an .rar file on Debian / iBook G3.

Use unrar. Make sure, you are including non-free packages in your source.conf

bash: /usr/local/bin/rar: cannot execute binary file

(Same with unrar.)

I tried to search for answer and someone was suggesting this might
indicate that the binaries are corrupted. I'm wondering whether the
version of RAR for Linux on its website
(http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm) is for i386 structure but not
PPC? Is there anyway that I can handle .rar files in Debian on iBook?

It's probably an x86 binary. You can check which platform the binary was compiled for by typing
file /usr/local/bin/rar
e.g. for my installed version of unrar, I get
$ file `which unrar`
/usr/bin/unrar: ELF 32-bit MSB executable, PowerPC or cisco 4500, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, stripped



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