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Re: kblevel - set keyboard illumination directly

On Tue, 2006-06-20 at 18:50 +1000, Paul Collins wrote:

> It's in my device-tree as uni-n@f8000000/i2c@f8001000/lmu-controller@84.
> I also have cereal@1c0 and fan@15c in there, but there's no "uni-n 2"
> in /sys/class/i2c-dev/*/name, so I guess simply sorting by @foo
> isn't the way to map to the i2c-dev name attributes.

Yeah, I was wrong, see my other mail.

Btw, it's in my device-tree as
uni-n@f8000000/i2c@f8001000/i2c-bus@0/lmu-micro@84 with a compatible
'lmu-controller' property.


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