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Trouble copying kernel Wallstreet

Hello all,
I'm installing Debian to my PowerBook G3 ("Wallstreet").  I'm having trouble copying my vmlinux and initrd.gz files from my Debian partition to my Mac OS petition.  I'm near the end of the installation process, and typically I'm able to mount the hfs (Mac OS) partition using the following command:
cd /target
mkdir hfs
mount /dev/hda10 hfs -t hfs
In other words, I've moved into the /target directory, created a directory called "hfs", and then mounted my Mac OS partition (located at /dev/hda10).
That's what is supposed to happen, anyway -- and it usually does, when I'm installing Ubuntu -- but I'm installing Debian now, and I'm not able to mount my device.  I keep getting an error message, something about the device not existing.  The problem, I think, is that I'm not certain where my device is located.  I believed it was /dev/hda10 since that's how it is referenced when I install Ubuntu, but apparently it's not.  Does anyone know how to find the Mac OS partition?
Thanks for your help,
Harold J. Johnson

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