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solution to: find a way to type bracket on powerbook g3

Hello everybody,
Maybe we're done.
The problem was: "I want to type brackets [] and {}"
Thomas Halinka suggested dpkg-reconfigure, I followed (choosing mac/unknown/italian/standard/standard) while in WindowMaker and nothing seemed changed until I rebooted...
...everything was upset, no charachter correspondence at all...
in the meanwhile Wolfgang Pfiffer, Gabriel Paubert and Giovanni Ridolfi made some other useful suggestions, that I was not able to follow due to the upset, and asked about my keyboard layout (QZERTY, old italian typewriter, I don't know why in use on powerbook g3). After reinstalling debian (thinking later that was simpler going up throuh root terminal history...) I ran again "dpkg-reconfigure console-data" because, during installation, I choosed US keyboard layout (safer, something wrong but usable). At this time, just for trying, was chosen as keyboard layout:
"mac / unknown / italian / standard / iBook"
Incredibly (standard? iBook?) works now. It recognizes QZERTY (exept § typed as É) and there are brackets:
option + 4  >>  {
option + =  >>  }
option + 5  >>  [
option + -  >>  ]
I hope will be helpful for others...
Thanks to all of you!

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