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snd-powermac to replace esd+dmasound_pmac [was: Re: [snd] looking for layout-ids]

On 5/27/06, Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org> wrote:
> What are the plans for machines without layout-id, like the 5,2 model?
> Will there be any alsa/aoa support at some point?

There will be, but let's get the ones with layout-id first since
snd-powermac should work on the older ones.

Is snd-powermac based on alsa? That was my impression, but I can't
convince xmms to use an alsa driver for playing while using
snd-powermac :-/ .

Previousely I have been using dmasound_pmac + esd because nothing else
provided good sound (snd-powermac was distorting the sound, playing it
too fast), but now it seems to be working fine. Still I would like to
use alsa so that I can have multiple streams without needing esd.

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