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Re: sarge release file?

On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 12:54:02AM +0200, setpet-5@student.ltu.se wrote:
> When I attempted a network install recently, I had some troubles concerning the
> new mirrors (I believe). Everything is just fine and dandy until I am supposed
> to select a mirror. As neither of the mirrors listed by the installer seems to
> work, I edit sources.list manually and choose the
> se.powerpc.mirrors.debian.net/debian one (I know that might not be entirely
> correct, but I grab it out of my head when writing this, I didn't when I tried
> to install though), which worked just fine in my installed system. The installer
> couldn't find a release file there either though.

Sounds like an arch-independent problem with the installer. Try debian-boot@lists.debian.org


> I
> have noticed that the lable given to my ethernet card by the installer has
> changed since my last successfull installation (which was pre r2). I can't
> exactly remember from what to what I'm afraid, and I'm not sure wheter it
> changed index number as well or not. The computer is an iBookG4, if that matters.

Sounds like a well-know problem with udev, also arch-independent.

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