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sarge release file?

When I attempted a network install recently, I had some troubles concerning the
new mirrors (I believe). Everything is just fine and dandy until I am supposed
to select a mirror. As neither of the mirrors listed by the installer seems to
work, I edit sources.list manually and choose the
se.powerpc.mirrors.debian.net/debian one (I know that might not be entirely
correct, but I grab it out of my head when writing this, I didn't when I tried
to install though), which worked just fine in my installed system. The installer
couldn't find a release file there either though.

Now I had the same problem when I installed my first system. Back then, it was
due to my network was incorrectly configured via DHCP. A manual configuration
solved the problem, so it can't be completely the same problem, but it could
still be a network problem as far as I know, as I don't get any other
indications as to whether it works or not due this point in the installation. I
have noticed that the lable given to my ethernet card by the installer has
changed since my last successfull installation (which was pre r2). I can't
exactly remember from what to what I'm afraid, and I'm not sure wheter it
changed index number as well or not. The computer is an iBookG4, if that matters.

So as you see, I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for here, but any help is

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