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Re: etch installer mirror problem

* Mauricio Ortiz Calvao <orca@if.ufrj.br> [2006-05-18 18:28]:
> I found a message of yours about some problem with Debian's netinst
> etch installer not being able to retrieve the Release file from any
> mirror. I have tried several mirrors to no effect. Could you give me
> any help or specific suggestions of mirrors to try? I am almost sure
> I access the Inernet with no proxy; at any rate, I have also tried
> providing for proxy something like http://proxy.if.ufrj.br/proxy.pac


I've CC'd debian-powerpc so that others may benefit (if I manage to
help you out).

I'm assuming you mean my post to debian-powerpc, so assuming you are
trying to install Debian on a PowerPC machine, I'd advise you to use
e.g. http://br.powerpc.mirror.debian.net as mirror. I must admit,
however, that I'm not quite sure how to manually add a mirror (since I
haven't installed Debian since the switch to the new mirrors).

I hope this helps.

- Felix

Felix C. Stegerman <flx@obfusk.net>

"Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature."
 -- R. Kulawiec

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