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experiencing xorg problems

Hi to everyone,

First I have to thank to all the people that gave me some advice in
the airport issues I was having.

I am not using gdm because sometimes xorg freezes (debian unstable).
From 10 times I boot my powerbook, xorg freezes a list 3 times (if
this happens I have to reboot and hope that this doesn't happen
again).  I follow that xorg wiki from the debian wiki to see if I can
find something about this but no one talks anything about it.


I tried to log in  /var/log/Xorg.0.log but I don't find anything that
gives me feedback about this.

Another thing is resume. Since xorg 7.0 resume doesn't work anymore in
my powerbook. Is this normal? If I tried that xorg freezes...

Other weird thing is that only this versions of xorg works for me:


If I tried to upgrade to 0.18 (I suppose this is the most recent
version). Next I boot xorg freezes or doesn't show me anything at all.
So I do not upgrade xorg.

Is this normal?
Is anyone experiencing this problems?
Does anyone have a tip for this?

thanks for your time and patience.


Javier O. Ramírez Martínez
Key fingerprint = E7D8 22DC 5B71 72DC A06A  61F4 D823 35ED 2E67 CFB2

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