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Re: Bug#367149: kbd-chooser: [powerpc] does not detect ADB keyboards

On Sun, May 14, 2006 at 07:22:56AM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> Package: kbd-chooser
> Version: 1.26
> It appears that kbd-chooser does not actually detect ADB keyboards as used 
> for example on Powerbook G4 laptops.
> Until Beta 2 keyboard selection only worked because of the default mac-usb 
> keyboard added in usb-kbd.c, but that's absolutely not optimal.
> After a short look at Frank Lichtenhelds laptop, it seems that the 
> keyboard can be detected from the /proc/bus/input/devices file (see 
> attachment).
> It's currently unsure if the keyboard will work correctly with AT keymaps 
> as well as USB-MAC. I'll test that over the next days.

I am not 100% sure, bvut i remember that the 2.6 kernels translate all kind of
mac keyboards to the same thing. As such, there is no ADB keyboard needed
anymore, as the kernel exports it as a normal keyboard to the userland (or
something such, i am no expert in this, CCing debian-powerpc).

There is maybe still some need for some specialized layout though.


Sven Luther

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