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Re: DVD-RAM Mac Format HFS

Brad Boyer wrote:

Is it a multi-session disc? There is a session= option for hfsplus
to select the right session on the disc in the source I have here.

No its not a multi-session (its dvd-ram) its not a dvd-rw
I just install it on my mac (formated) then copy back up items,
and done. When running linux (now) and not mac no more,
its not loading mac formated hfs+ dvd-ram.

Q. I have two drives, in my Mac both are 80 gig's
Master Drive, is running ubuntu, and the second slave drive is blank format mac drive,
Can I install Mac OS X on the SLAVE drive, and be able to run a dual OS's ??
I want yaboot (ubuntu) to make the choice which drives, load (or OS) loads,

If I can do this, then I can run Mac OS X, then re-copy to USB Drive.

Thanks ++++

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