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iMac Sleep

I'm sorry for having to post my question. My searches through Google
and the Debian list archives returned no data on iMac power
management. If my question's already answered somewhere & I just
didn't find it, a URL would make me happy.

I've finished installing Debian Sarge 3.1r2 onto an old iMac DV (Slot
Loading) and I've found that the screen stays on 24x7 now. I'd like to
find how to make it sleep. Putting the entire system to sleep (with
the pulsing light on the front) will interfere with things like cron,
so I suppose that an acceptable alternative would be to turn off the
display instead (although full system sleep, complete with the
pulsating power button, would be nice.)

I made a trip to the KDE Control Center -> Peripherals -> Display ->
Power Control and checked off "Enable display power management" and
even tried restarting for good measure, all with no luck.

I've tried both apmd and pmud (with pmud-utils), although the later
complained about being installed on a desktop machine.

It's easy enough to enable to the Blank Screen screensaver (in KDE
Control Center -> Appearance & Themes -> Screen Saver), although the
faint glow of the screen remains visible because the CRT is still
consuming power.

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