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Re: installation notes/probs

The CPU in your iBook G4 is a 32bit processor, so you cannot boot a 64bit

Use manual partitioning, it's there iirc.
Then choose the mount points for the linux partitions you've made, select to
format them, make sure the boot flag is selected for the partition that'll
contain /boot (so / or /boot partition) and continue the installation.

On 5/1/06 8:01 PM, "David Steiner" <doodydexter@yahoo.com> wrote:

> hi,
> i've run into 2 problems while trying to install. i
> downloaded the debain testing cd 1 for ppc. i'm trying
> to do a dual boot setup with macosx. i have an ibook
> g4 1.2Ghz.
> first, in the macosx install i opened disk utility and
> made 2 partitions each with the macos Extended (hfs+)
> type. then i installed macosx on the second partition
> without any problems.
> now comes the debian installer, starting with the
> yaboot menu: 
> "This is the debian installation cdrom, built on
> 20060424."
> if i type in "install64" i get the following error:
> please wait loading kernel...
> [...]
> ramdisk loaded at 01a000000, size 3522kbytes
> Invalid memory acces at %SRR0: 014082e8 %SRR1:
> 00083030
> and then the openfirmware loads..
> ok the only option that worked was by typing
> "install".  when i come to the partitioning part,
> debian only lets me choose one partition: to erase the
> entire disk. shouldn't it recognise the 2 partitions??
> then i followed some online guides that say to use
> mac-fdisk. so i did this: i deleted the intended for
> linux partition, and created a boot, swap and root
> partition. when i was done it looked like this:
> /dev/hda1 ... apple_partition_map, 31k
> ../hda2 ... apple_boot, 128M
> hda3 ... apple_hfsx, 45G
> hda4 ... apple_boot, 128M
> hda5 ... apple_bootstrap (newworld bootblock), 800k
> hda6 ... swap, 768M
> hda7 ... root, 9G
> but the debian installer only lets me select:
> IDE1 master (hda) - 60.0 GB Toshiba ..
> instead of the 2 partitions.
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