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installation notes/probs


i've run into 2 problems while trying to install. i
downloaded the debain testing cd 1 for ppc. i'm trying
to do a dual boot setup with macosx. i have an ibook
g4 1.2Ghz.

first, in the macosx install i opened disk utility and
made 2 partitions each with the macos Extended (hfs+)
type. then i installed macosx on the second partition
without any problems.

now comes the debian installer, starting with the
yaboot menu: 

"This is the debian installation cdrom, built on
if i type in "install64" i get the following error:
please wait loading kernel...
ramdisk loaded at 01a000000, size 3522kbytes

Invalid memory acces at %SRR0: 014082e8 %SRR1:
and then the openfirmware loads..

ok the only option that worked was by typing
"install".  when i come to the partitioning part,
debian only lets me choose one partition: to erase the
entire disk. shouldn't it recognise the 2 partitions??

then i followed some online guides that say to use
mac-fdisk. so i did this: i deleted the intended for
linux partition, and created a boot, swap and root
partition. when i was done it looked like this:

/dev/hda1 ... apple_partition_map, 31k
../hda2 ... apple_boot, 128M
hda3 ... apple_hfsx, 45G
hda4 ... apple_boot, 128M
hda5 ... apple_bootstrap (newworld bootblock), 800k
hda6 ... swap, 768M
hda7 ... root, 9G

but the debian installer only lets me select:
IDE1 master (hda) - 60.0 GB Toshiba ..
instead of the 2 partitions.

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