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Sound on newer PB

Finaly got the Ben Collins Ubunu kernel patch to work.
It patches from 2.6.15 and up, but does only work with 2.6.17-rc3 and up and 
with alsa 1.0.11 on the PB5,7.
Toonie is also fixed in 1.0.11 debian package of alsa-utils.

However when I play a movie, sound output is reduced to:
1. Through ARTS it plays ok the first few seconds after a pause, then  
     scrambles, volume sliders does not change volume.
     This is strange since music does not summon this behavior.
2. ALSA (and OSS emu output) does not scramble but rather makes it sound like   
    played through a thincan.

Anyone got a clue on this?


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