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Re: Ignore accidental input

On Sunday 23 April 2006 10:54, you wrote:
> Børge Holen wrote:
> > In osX we got the opportunity to turn on the "Ignore accidental input".
> > Is there a similar option in linux. The random input from the pad itself
> > can be pretty annoying.
> You can use mouseemu to ignore trackpad input while typing.

I have to install another program to shut down the trackpad then?
nevermind I found the /sbin/trackpad.
> > I dunno if its hw or a sw bug, but sometimes the
> > trackpad ... like right now.!.  I cannot move the cursor more than an
> > inch back / forth. and it shakes heavily. This was not the case this
> > morning, but I suspect that the movement startet soon after I left and
> > kept X from suspending.
> Which driver do you use for the trackpad or which model is your computer?
> Early versions of the appletouch driver had problems with fuzz.
PowerBook5,7, appletouch: 17" model detected.
debian reports version 1.1.3-18  from testing.

I never seemed to check out the powerpc-utils. It does not load /sbin/trackpad 
from init.d. So, as a option to shut down the driver I can 
move /sbin/trackpad, or find whatever loads it...


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