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Re: installing Debian on an oldworld Mac.

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 05:48:49PM -0800, petereasthope wrote:
> Mon, 6 Mar 2006 Vinai Roopcha said,
> vr> BootX / Kernel / RAM Disk installer ... 
> Yes, that works, up to where it searches for a *.iso.  
> The mini.iso is on the boot drive and also on the 
> target drive of the installation.  Nevertheless the 
> installer complains "... did not find an installer 
> ISO image."
> After a full search, the installer comments "... it 
> may be on a file system that could not be mounted." 
> With an CF-ATA adapter, containing a Compact 
> Flash card containing a FAT file system containing 
> the mini.iso, connected to the ATA-PCI adapter, 
> the system failed to pass the MacOS announcement.
> The installer and the Installation Manual both 
> neglect to mention what file systems can mount.  

Sorry if I jump in here, I haven't read the OP, so I don't know what
image the mini.iso is. I recall a similar problem that I discussed
quite thorough in this thread, which might be informative:


There might very well be a bug in the installer.

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