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Re: can't boot 2.6.17-rc1

On Sat, 2006-04-08 at 12:55 +1000, Paul Mackerras wrote:
> Benjamin Herrenschmidt writes:
> > From my quick tests here (I'm travelling, so no much time), it looks
> > like it's dying on the first msleep() (either radeonfb or whatever else
> > if you play with driver order), which makes me strongly suspect the idle
> > loop changes. I'll try to fix that when I'm back next week unless paulus
> > beats me to it.
> This patch fixes it for me on my powerbook (1.5GHz albook).  The issue
> seems to be that the cpu objects to HID0_NAP being cleared in HID0.
> If I have this code power_save_6xx_restore, it hangs:
> _GLOBAL(power_save_6xx_restore)
> 	mfspr	r11,SPRN_HID0
> 	rlwinm	r11,r11,0,10,8		/* Clear NAP */
> 	mtspr	SPRN_HID0,r11
> 	b	transfer_to_handler_cont
> If I take out that rlwinm, it boots.  Bizaare.

Gack ? Didn't I always cleared it before ? Hrm... I think darwin also
clears it in various places ... coul.dn't it be some stpid register
clobbering I'm doing with r11 at this point ? (no source at hand to


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