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Re: Sarge installer for Mac Performa 6400/180 with 16MB RAM?

On (17/03/06 09:37), Nelson Castillo wrote:
> A user said she will bring a Macintosh Performa 6400/180 with
> 16MB RAM [1] to the installfest[2].
> Will the sarge installer work with only 16 MB of RAM?
> I would like to know whether I can manage to install sarge
> there.
> I'm a little confused with this list of minimum recommended
> requirements [3]:
>  Install Type     RAM                   Hard Drive
>  No desktop      24 megabytes     450 megabyte
> Because it says:
>  Depending on your needs, you might manage with less than some
>  of the recommended hardware listed in the table below. However,
>  most users risk being frustrated if they ignore these suggestions.
> So my question is:
> If I don't run services (perhaps a liteweight web server):
>   Could I manage to install Debian sarge in this mac with only 16 MB of RAM?
> I also wonder whether the user reported 16MB when the computer actually
> has 24MB [3].

Well I successfully ran a 8100/80 as a file server running woody up
until about a year ago; however, it had 92MB memory.  It must be worth
trying to add some; I would imagine mac people would have a few sticks
as they've upgraded.

Why don't you post to debian-powerpc?

I seem to recall that sarge needs a minimum of 32Mb; you will also need
to use BootX because the machine is 'oldworld'.



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