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Re: external monitor at larger resolution?

On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 14:35 +0100, Michel Dänzer wrote:

> What did you set it to? If it was 2560x1024 or larger, I'm not sure
> what's up.

I did, but it still drove the external monitor with 1024x768 which
really sucked, I even got horizontal panning.

> Most likely a configuration issue then.

Yes, and I found it now!
After looking at my log file again I noticed it was complaining about
hsync being out of range for the 1280x1024 mode. I'd never seen that
before so I assume it only came when I added the virtual screen size.
Anyway, the fix was to increase the CRT2HSync option. I have no idea
what values are good though...

This is what I have now, and it seems to work:

        Option          "CRT2Position"  "LeftOf"
        Option          "CRT2HSync"     "10-160"
        Option          "CRT2VRefresh"  "50-75"

Now the only remaining problem is that I get some drawing artifacts if I
quickly pan downwards on the powerbook's screen by pulling the mouse
down... But that's ok, not a very frequent operation :)

Thanks for the help and encouragement,

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