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Re: Status of miBoot in Debian?

On Mar 6, 2006, at 3:34 AM, Sven Luther wrote:

On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 03:27:40AM -0800, Daniel Gimpelevich wrote:
Ok. But like said, thanks to Piotr, we have a reverse engineered spec
of the
boot block, and can do a clean-room reimplementation.

The spec of the boot-block structure has always been publicly
available. The boot-block code is quite another matter, and it does not
exist in a vacuum. It cannot be described outside of the context in
which the Mac OS ROM code calls (or doesn't call) it, which must also
be reverse-engineered.

Ok, let me rephrase this. The structure is documented, and cause no copyright problems. We have a reverse engineered spec of the actual code blob, which we
can thus reimplement.


ok. Maybe you can compliment the info found in Piotr's work then.


We have no problem with rsrce.

I have not looked at rsrce's source yet, but somehow I doubt it fully
implements the data-moving algorithms that would be necessary to
accomplish what it claims to do.

As long as we can boot a linux kernel from a floppy, i am happyt.

I still dream of a floppy-initiated netboot for OldWorld...

:) I guess if the kernel included the network driver and nfs-root support, it
should be ok.

Yes, that's one avenue, but not a true netboot until the kernel and initrd can be received over TFTP. Would require kexec support.

problems with the last binary I built from Etsushi Kato's sources
be catalogued...

Could you provide me with this build, i will try to build some sample
with it and 2.6.15 kernel, and propose them for our users to test.

wget http://homepage.mac.com/danielg4/System.bin
hcopy -m System.bin :

You will also need to create a configuration file, preferably named
miboot.conf, with a layout similar to lilo.conf, but more restricted.

mmm, i will add testing this on my TODO list. Not before a week or two

As for the config file, we right now do :

       dd if=/dev/zero of=$@ bs=1024 count=$(FLOPPY_SIZE)
       hformat -l $(DISK_LABEL) $@
       echo device $(TEMP_BOOT).new > $(TEMP)/miboot.conf
       echo kernel $(TEMP_KERNEL).gz $(KERNEL_CMDL) >>
       miboot -c $(TEMP)/miboot.conf

with miboot doing the proper magic, and the miboot packages contains :


So, i should replace the System.rsrc by your System.bin in some way ?

Your current "miboot" shell script bends over backwards to install the
file from a dump of its resource fork. I could supply the binary in
such a format, but this way, it could be installed with a simple "hcopy
-m" command as shown above. The "miboot" shell script would not be

What about the configuration file, of which the kernel options are the most
important ones ?

Like I said, it will take its own configuration file unrelated to yours, but with the same name, with a layout similar to a lilo.conf file.

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