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Re: Xserve hd device names

(didn't have it on the list at first)
But to the Xserve it isn't a firewire HD, to the Xserve it is a normal SATA disk (or maybe even a scsi disk, that is what I'm not sure of, but there certainly isn't any fire-wire in the middle of it, that would be pretty stupid to use firewire for internal HDs). If that driver was a problem, then why would it have worked yesterday? I wouldn't be able to boot the Powermac. But it worked just fine.
And as I said, on th eiBook it isn't a problem either, since I actually read and wrote to the disk. That how the install was done after all.
I can very well imagine that I could have problems if I tried to use another PowerMac or an iMac or any other 64bit machine as the installation computer. But as long as the 64bitter is only the target, there won't be a problem (for me, that is ;) ).

Jan Schukat

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