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Re: Xserve hd device names

On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 12:12:49AM +0100, Jan Schukat wrote:
> Hello.
> I want to install a debian on an Xserve G5 via firewire (since I don't have a serial console). Just made a testrun and installed a debian on my PowerMac from my iBook via Firewire target disk. And got it working. The biggest problem I  encountered was the yaboot configuration, since the device names are different when you use target disk mode. So I had to guess which device name to enter into the yaboot.config for the root option and wich to enter into the fstab for mounting on start.
> At first I guessed for /dev/hda to be the device of my hd. But that was not right, it was /dev/sda. But that I could see when following the boot messages on the PowerMac on the screen. On the Xserve I don't have that screen to be able to find out wether a device is wrong. So I thought I might ask here, wether someone has an install, and can tell me what device the first sata hard disk on the Xserve is, so I can avoid the blind guessing game ;)

The sbp2 driver needed to handle firewire disks seems to be currently broken
on powerpc64 (at least in latest 2.6.15.x). It seems to be linked to a
non-existing for 64bit bus_to_virt, thus failing this module to be usable.

tomorrow i will try 2.6.16-rc5 to check if this brokeness was fixed already or


Sven Luther

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