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Re: No xterm window?!

Sammy wrote:

Turns out that twm is already installed with X-Windows and I didn't know it!

twm gets installed automatically with the full x-server package, but not if you install just the x-window-system-core package. If you install the latter only, you need to pick a window manager to install.

So here are my questions:
1- Where (in which file) was X-Windows instructed to "exec twm"? I don't have a ~/.xsession file.

You can create that file, if you wish. It's what I use, with gdm as the session manager.

2- Can I work the menus without the mouse in X-Windows?

Many window managers can be configured to do this. I use Openbox, and configured <W>+<space> to bring up the root menu. ("W" is the alias Openbox uses for Mod5, which is the Apple key on my iMac keyboard, but would be the Windows key on x86 keyboards, I guess.) I'm pretty sure you can do something similar in WMs like Fluxbox, Blackbox (with bbkeys), etc., and probably in Gnome's Metacity and KDE's Kwin.

I much prefer keyboard shortcuts to mousing, for the most part. Some WMs are better than others for keyboard control. Personally, I like Openbox because it supports configurable keychains.


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