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Re: hi and first and hopefully last question

On Sun, Feb 12, 2006 at 07:56:48AM +0100, Daniel Payno wrote:
> El 11/02/2006, a las 22:17, Mich Lanners escribió:
> >>I plan to install linux but:
> >>	* Ubuntu/PPC 5.10's Live/Install kernels don't support my Superdrive
> >What do you mean; doesn't support the SuperDrive?
> >The DVD drive is a generic MMC3-compatible IDE drive; there is no  
> >issue
> >of support involved here.
> 	O, more precisely, the debian_installer, once booted whilst pressing 
> dong 'C', past the locale config, tries to detect the cd, and load  
> the needed module in the install kernel, to proceed with the install.  
> That's the point where the install stops and issues a warning of  
> unsupported hardware, and error in locating cd-rom drive
> 	Being a new tech DL superdrive it didn't surprise me really, i'm an  
> old debian user, so in my early times i remember going to buy  
> hardware always with the Hardware-HOWTO in my hand :)

Mmm, i have some doubts about this, the disk controller driver may have some
issues, but the dvd model per se should be transparent.

> >You can try the netboot ISO from my site, but you also need to install
> >the kernel that omes along with it:
> >
> >http://www.cpu.lu/~mlan/ftp/debian/albook-mini.iso
> >http://www.cpu.lu/~mlan/ftp/debian/kernel-albook.deb
> >
> >The kernel contains every hardware support I deem important or useful
> >compiled-in (not as modules). But you may disagree with me; so use the
> >config that is included in the package to build your own kernel.
> Well, there'll be time to compile a custom one, past installation..
> Znx, i'm actually doing backup to reinstall MaxOsX for applying  
> repartitioning logic, and then i'll try this

Bah, people should use the official debian kernels, and file bug reports if
they don't work :)


Sven Luther

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