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Re: iMac/nvidia & sleep

> >>There's another package, powerpc-utils, that conflicts with pmud.  I

I strongly doubt that. Maybe some old version of powerpc-utils conflicts
with recent pmud. That's because I moved some stuff between the two
packages. Just update.

> >>don't know which might be worth trying, or if either would do any good,
> >>or if I'd need some kernel patch, or if, two years later, it's still
> >>hopeless.  Any enlightenment on how to make this monitor go dark?
> >
> >
> > The problem is not the tool used, but the fact that we have no information on
> > how to put the graphic chip to sleep.
> Yeah, I got that.  But given that Carlos (quoted above) said it worked
> at some point with pmud, I thought perhaps it might still be possible,

The rivafb kernel support varies somewhat. Depending on the precise model,
stuff like backlight control may work, or may break. Guido Guenther used
to keep rivafb patches on the net, so you may want to google around. Sleep
support with rivafb I doubt somewhat. Suspend to disk might work though.


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