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Re: pbbuttonsd beta on new Powerbook5,8

On Mon, 23 Jan 2006 00:00:19 +0100 (CET)
Mich Lanners <mlan@cpu.lu> wrote:

> > devices will be automatically added or
> > removed as soon as they appear or vanish.
> That doesn't seem to work. Input devices with mouseemu stopped:
> [...] 
> pbbuttonsd opens event0 and event2 only. X has event3 and mice open.

Where have you this information from? /proc ?

There might be an error in pbbuttonsd but I just checked
interoperability with mouseemu and this is the result (Pbbuttonsd beta
with debug output):

# src/pbbuttonsd
INFO: DBG: InputSource added:   00010001   <- input devices scan at startup
INFO: DBG: InputSource added:   000122c4   <- the numbers are vendor/product
INFO: DBG: InputSource added:   0001771f
INFO: DBG: InputSource added:   00013301
INFO: DBG: InputSource added:   001f0001
INFO: DBG: Machine:  31    <- machine code of my ancient PowerBook
INFO: DBG: Keyboard: ADB
INFO: DBG: Trackpad: ADB
INFO: DBG: Ambient:  None
INFO: DBG: InputSource added:   00000000   <- internal input source
INFO: Soundsystem angefordert: auto, erkannt: ALSA und letztlich aktiviert: ALSA.
INFO: Speichern der Konfig auf /usr/local/etc/pbbuttonsd.conf freigegeben.
pbbuttonsd 0.7.3-6g: iBook/G3 PB Pismo/G4 PB Titanium (PMU version: 12)
INFO: Script '/usr/local/etc/power/pmcs-pbbuttonsd performance ac ' gestartet und normal beendet
INFO: DBG: InputSource added:   7fe9d570   <- another internal input source
Mouse: Rel-X   0, Rel-Y  -1     <- some mouse movement
Mouse: Rel-X  -1, Rel-Y   0
Mouse: Rel-X   0, Rel-Y  -1
Mouse: Rel-X   0, Rel-Y  -1
INFO: DBG: InputSource added:   001f001f   <- mouseemu started, pbbuttonsd
INFO: DBG: InputSource added:   001f001e   <- detected 2 new input devices
Mouse: Rel-X  -1, Rel-Y   0     <- some more mouse movement
Mouse: Rel-X  -1, Rel-Y   0
Mouse: Rel-X  -1, Rel-Y   0
INFO: DBG: InputSource received G_IO_IN  <- pbbuttonsd received CTRL-C
INFO: DBG: InputSource removed: 7fe9d570
INFO: DBG: InputSource removed: 00010001
INFO: DBG: InputSource removed: 000122c4
INFO: DBG: InputSource removed: 0001771f
INFO: DBG: InputSource removed: 00013301
INFO: DBG: InputSource removed: 001f0001
INFO: DBG: InputSource removed: 00000000
INFO: DBG: InputSource removed: 001f001f
INFO: DBG: InputSource removed: 001f001e

Key events were also recognized but not printed in the debug log.

On the other hand I got some strange behaviour with mouseemu running:
1. F10 in X doesn't work anymore
2. paste with middle mouse button (F11, kernel mouse button emulation)
   opens the context menu ?!?

After stopping mouseemu, everything works as usual again. I never had
this before.

> mouseemu has event0, event1 and event2 open, as well as uinput (two times).
> However, pbbuttonsd does _not_ seem to reopen any devices, in particular
> after a few minutes it still hasn't opened the uinput event devices.

Could you compile pbbuttonsd with debug information (--enable-debug) and
check if the debug output confirms your observation? There might be a
bug in pbbuttonsd that I doesn't see on my machine (would not be the
first one :-))

> > Mouseemu exclusively locks all input devices related to mice for full
> > control. After that it routes the mouse events through a newly created
> > input device (or two of them). This way it can filter out unwanted
> > mouse events or create new ones. Pbbuttonsd can't access the locked
> > event devices anymore but it uses the newly created uinput devices
> > instead. You won't see any difference in behaviour.
> So no problem to be expected here, is there? And pbbuttonsd should be
> able to detect buttons 2&3 as activity, in contrast to mouse movement
> and button1 (whose event dev is locked by synaptics), since those are
> created on the new uinput event device, accessible to pbbuttonsd? I
> haven't noticed this, but I would need to check.

In theory this should all work fine :-)
> It still doesn't explain why Fn'ed keys aren't detected by pbbuttonsd
> anymore while mouseemu is running.

I had similar experiences (see above). 

 Best Regards

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