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Re: PowerBook5,8 - TrackPad update


> Ok, I finally received my new laptop (PowerBook5,8 15"). I tried the
> latest patch you posted, and while the kernel driver seem to work ok
> (though you can feel the lack of a proper acceleration curve), the
> synaptics driver in X doesn't work in any useable way. I updated the one
> that comes with breezy to whatever was the latest on the author web site
> (.44 I think) and while it detected the tracpkad, the result was soooooo
> slooooow that it was totally unseable. I've tried the config tool that
> comes with KDE for it but couldn't "boost" it to anything useful. Is
> that expected or is there still issues to be resolved in the driver ?
> I'm tempted to add some minimum support for a proper acceleration curve
> in the kernel driver in fact...

I do not think you should add it inside *kernel*. Proper acceleration
support really belongs to X...
Thanks, Sharp!

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