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Re: external screen powerbook 12" 6,8

> Hi Michael,
> | - You need to reboot your PB with the external screen attached to it (maybe the
> |   cable suffices, don't know)
> |   Note: Waking up your system from suspend-to-disk is fine too.
> | - Your xorg.conf's "Device"-section must contain the line
> |   Option          "CrtcNumber"            "0"
> |   i.e., you need to change your xorg.conf every time you switch and restart X.
> | 
> | If you're interested in the complete xorg.conf, I'd post it here.
> These are GOOD NEWS!!!!
> Tomorrow I'll give it a try, because today I'm staying at home.
> BTW you say 
>                   "from suspend-to-disk is fine too"
> Could you please be so kind as to explain me how to enable that? I have
> just installed ubuntu and this is not working for me. 
Do you have the hibernate-package installed? I'll send you my hibernate.conf in
private mail too. I'm not sure whether the kernel shipped with the distro works
right away as I compiled my own kernel - does anybody else know?

> And yes, I'd be interested in the xorg.conf file. But maybe it enough if
> you send it to me, so that we don't full up the server with our posts :)

I'll do that in a few minutes!


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