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Re: external screen powerbook 12" 6,8

> 1- An external screen will not work (at least I tried to give a talk and the
> video projector was not showing anything)
You can make it working - see below.

> 2- Sleep is not working

Well, AFAIK it won't work in the near future - blame NVidia for it...

Maybe someone knows something better, but for me (TM) the folling works:

- You need to reboot your PB with the external screen attached to it (maybe the
  cable suffices, don't know)
  Note: Waking up your system from suspend-to-disk is fine too.
- Your xorg.conf's "Device"-section must contain the line
  Option          "CrtcNumber"            "0"
  i.e., you need to change your xorg.conf every time you switch and restart X.

If you're interested in the complete xorg.conf, I'd post it here.


BTW: I'm writing this using my PB6,8 and my external screen :-)

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