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external screen powerbook 12" 6,8


so... I got a brand new powerbook 12" from my institute but cannot stand
MacOSX... I gave fink + ports a chance but it's too widgy for me and I hate the
terminal they have... Installing the ports takes ages and the result is not
nice and fragile...

I want GNU/Linux (debian) on my ppc box.

Now I am working from an ubuntu installation (breezy) but have two main

1- An external screen will not work (at least I tried to give a talk and the
video projector was not showing anything)

2- Sleep is not working

Let's put it in this way: I'd be happy if the external screen would work on
GNU/Linux . I need this for my work. Sleep is not so important, but would be
nice yet, of course
cat /proc/cpuinfo yields

processor : 0 cpu : 7447A, altivec supported clock : 749MHz revision : 0.5 (pvr
8003 0105) bogomips : 747.52 machine : PowerBook6,8 motherboard : PowerBook6,8
MacRISC3 Power Macintosh detected as : 287 (PowerBook G4 12") pmac flags :
0000001a L2 cache : 512K unified memory : 1280MB pmac-generation : NewWorld

I've tried to attach an external screen but it didn't work, even booting the laptop 
with it attached to it

Do I really have to work with MacOSX?!

I do need the external screen for my work, because I spend about 10 hours per
day in front of a pc, which will be this PPC laptop, but it happens to be a 12"
one and I don't feel like burning out my eyes, so I WANT an attached external
screen to it... I have a big one close to it, on my desk, and I would like to
use it...

Any hint? At least an estimate of how long I will have to wait until at least the
external screen is working under GNU/Linux?



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