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netboot and install of IBM power5 box


I do not seem to be looking in the right place for instructions to netboot an 
power5 machine.

Current etch installer files 
under .../debian/dists/etch/main/installer-powerpc/20051026/images/powerpc64/netboot64
include a few files:


I do not know what to do with these files.

I have set up the bootp server and the tftpserver.

I have tried to boot the vmlinux image, that does not work.

I have looked inside the mini.iso, pulled out the kernel, initrd, yaboot files 
and have succeeded in getting the tftp server to "boot" the yaboot binary, 
which promptly looks for yaboot.conf under /etc (not where it will find it).

Can someone give me a clue? (point me in a direction.... whatever)



Jean Robertson, McGill University (514) 398-8117

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