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Re: Ibook G4 freezes

Le Mercredi 14 Décembre 2005 1:mM:sS AM, Benjamin Herrenschmidt a écrit :
> >
> > DRI is disabled, even when the radeon module is not loaded, it freezes.
> >
> > >From  xorg log : (II) RADEON(0): Direct rendering disabled
> >
> > Complete xorg log at the end of this mail.
> Ok, two other things you can try:
>  - Disable cpufreq, make sure it's completely disabled (ie, the kernel
> option too, rebuild your kernel if necessary) and tell us if it makes a
> difference.

I rebuilt my kernel without cpufreq, and still it freezes.

>  - Do you have xmon enabled ? if not, enable it (CONFIG_XMON). First
> check that it works, that is when pressing command-power you enter xmon
> (you see the mon> prompt, exit with "x" <return>). xmon is a low level
> kernel debugger. Also, make sure X uses "UseFBDev" so that xmon can
> reliably access the screen even while running X. Now, try to reproduce
> the freeze. Does it enter xmon at the point of the freeze ? If not, try
> pressing command-power when it's frozen. Do you manage to get into xmon
> that way ? If yes to any of these, then, copy what xmon says. Then use
> xmon "t" command to get a backtrace and copy that too and send it to me.

I enabled xmon, but it didn't enter xmon.
While frozen, command-power has no effect.

>  - If none of these works, can you try reproducing the problem in
> console mode instead of X ? When it happens, do you see anything in the
> console ? Oops message, kernel panic, whatever ?
> Thanks,
> Ben.

I have tried to get my laptop crashing in console mode, but I have not 
(Did a 16 hours stress test, with an average load of 28, heavy reads from hard 
drive, running out of memory, swapping, net overload, several suspends to 
ram : it didn't freeze)

I will keep on trying to crash it in console mode.


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