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Re: MythTV PPC

Hi everyone

I have talk to alioth, and they have approved another project. So here it is!

Ill talk to the project admins about including a PPC build.


Den 2. des. 2005 kl. 20.34 skrev Sven Luther:

On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 07:48:03PM +0100, Inge Eidem wrote:
Michael, Sven!!

Please, you lost me when someone mention the compilation part of  
linux, but i have no idea. What is the teenage ninja mutant turtles,  
and alioths and ftp masters??????

alioth.debian.org is the debian development hosting machine, holding a geforge
implementation (a free fork of sourceforge, if i understood well), as well as
SVN or CVS or ARCH source revision systems. It can hold project done by debian
developers, but also by external people, or a cooperation of both. The alioth
admins need to accept the projects though, since they are some guidelines on
what project are acceptable or not.

The ftp-masters are the one in charge of the debian archive and
infrastructure, and as such take the responsability of what packages go into
the archive, and are in the front-line in any case of patent infringement or
other random court actions.

Not sure where teenage mutant turtles where mentioned though :)

Can i do something to help? host anything? or contribute in any way!?

Browse http://alioth.debian.org, register yourself and once you are accepted,
ask for the creation of a mythtv project, and then for an SVN repository. Once
that is done, we will import the work already done, hopefully working by then,
and the rest will go on nicely from there. Maybe create a mailing list or
something, and manage it, not sure if we really need that though.

You can even then help out by testing and helping sort out and investigate bug
reports in the debian BTS later on.


Sven Luther

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