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Re: MythTV PPC

Michael, Sven!!

Please, you lost me when someone mention the compilation part of linux, but i have no idea. What is the teenage ninja mutant turtles, and alioths and ftp masters??????

Can i do something to help? host anything? or contribute in any way!?

Den 2. des. 2005 kl. 19.43 skrev Inge Eidem:

Michael, Sven!

Den 1. des. 2005 kl. 09.28 skrev Michael Schmitz:

They sue teenager girls because their parents bought software like the kaza
stuff or whatever it was, so ...

And this is relevant for MythTV exactly how?

Because the ftp-masters fear them suing us/SPI/whoever holds debian hardware,
or harbors debian mirrors.

alioth isn't part of that hardware? Neat.

Besides, I seriously doubt people were sued for _buying_ kazaa. For using
it to offer copyrighted material for download, maybe. Now who'd want to do

Nope, the teenager girls where only using it in the advertized way, and think

Which means stuff can be downloaded from your box as soon as it shows up
in your download folder, until such time as you move it off there. Also
note buying != using above. Same as distributing software != using
software, especially when the primary use isn't copyright infringement.
But let's burn that bridge when we get there.

Yeah, sure, but who said ftp-masters always act on logical reasoning :)

They should at least listen to advice from -legal.

People working cooperatively together means you need those people in the
first place. Otherwise, patches sitting in google cache are just as
useful ('people' meaning three to five, ideally, in my book, if this
code is any like kino in endianness terms).

Nope, you just have to svn co the package and run dpkg-buildpackage, and then
add the patches you need. patches hunting is rather time-consuming on this,
and not having everyone start from scratch is rather nice.

That's why I proposed someone puts up a sort-of-working source package
someplace first. As long as it's download only I see little difference.

Let's see a show of hands, shall we?


Eric Cooper seems to have the current patches - can we take that as


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