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Re: Proprietary video formats on PPC.

After the breaking news that Apple was switching to x86 I felt like I
had to accept the fact that I could never watch a wmv, asf, rm, flash,
on my notebook under Linux.

most wmv and asf files will play in mplayer (using ffmpeg and friends)
some rm's will also. i can honestly say that mplayer beats windows
hands down.

Don't get me wrong, I HATE these formats, they are lossy, they're
closed source and most of the footage you find is low level quality.

lossey codecs arent bad. ie jpeg and mpegs are both lossey but
use tricks to lose stuff thats irrelevant (psychotropic compression
i believe its called)

Then something happened. You all know about the XboX 360, right? The
console hardware is based on a custom IBM PowerPC-based "Xenon"
central processing unit (CPU), and it has functions of a "media
center" (we all know that's not true, but let it be. Vorbis, uh?).

there will be similar problems as with using darwin binaries in

try mplayer, you should be able to watch most files.

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