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Proprietary video formats on PPC.

Hi all,
I'm sure everyone during his experience with Linux on a PPC had to
deal with the problem of proprietary video formats. At first I tried
all the possible hacks I found googling, like the experimental use of
ffmpeg on wmv3


and other projects, but none of them seemed to work. I always wondered
why could we use the OS X libraries, but I guess there's a problem of
compatibility that I do not understand.

After the breaking news that Apple was switching to x86 I felt like I
had to accept the fact that I could never watch a wmv, asf, rm, flash,
on my notebook under Linux.

Don't get me wrong, I HATE these formats, they are lossy, they're
closed source and most of the footage you find is low level quality.
But there is tons of interesting stuff that for some stupid reason
(somebody said Windows?) is reachable only with these formats, so you
loose a lot of info, unless of course you:
1. Reboot, this doesn't sound like a decent solution to me
2. Run the Mac On Linux, a bit better, but I've got some problems with
the audio, though
3. Use a x86 machine that is handy at the time. Hey, if I wanted an
x86 I could have just bought an IBM notebook...

Then something happened. You all know about the XboX 360, right? The
console hardware is based on a custom IBM PowerPC-based "Xenon"
central processing unit (CPU), and it has functions of a "media
center" (we all know that's not true, but let it be. Vorbis, uh?).

So, if they made the 360 working (not too well
they also made proprietary codecs and DLL for PPC right?

If this project grow as it predecessor:
shouldn't we then be able to play the damn videos?

Just wondering......

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  Department of Computer Science - Verona, Italy
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