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Re: MythTV PPC

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 09:28:42AM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > > They sue teenager girls because their parents bought software like the kaza
> > > > stuff or whatever it was, so ...
> > >
> > > And this is relevant for MythTV exactly how?
> >
> > Because the ftp-masters fear them suing us/SPI/whoever holds debian hardware,
> > or harbors debian mirrors.
> alioth isn't part of that hardware? Neat.

I am not sure, but alioth could even be hosted in europe, so not really under
the law-suit-trigger-happy US juridiction.

> > > Besides, I seriously doubt people were sued for _buying_ kazaa. For using
> > > it to offer copyrighted material for download, maybe. Now who'd want to do
> >
> > Nope, the teenager girls where only using it in the advertized way, and think
> Which means stuff can be downloaded from your box as soon as it shows up
> in your download folder, until such time as you move it off there. Also
> note buying != using above. Same as distributing software != using
> software, especially when the primary use isn't copyright infringement.
> But let's burn that bridge when we get there.


> > Yeah, sure, but who said ftp-masters always act on logical reasoning :)
> They should at least listen to advice from -legal.

Yeah. mplayer is now in NEW for as long as i can remember, last package is 8
month or so. Other ffmpeg using stuff are also among the oldest, if not only
oldest ones.

> > > People working cooperatively together means you need those people in the
> > > first place. Otherwise, patches sitting in google cache are just as
> > > useful ('people' meaning three to five, ideally, in my book, if this
> > > code is any like kino in endianness terms).
> >
> > Nope, you just have to svn co the package and run dpkg-buildpackage, and then
> > add the patches you need. patches hunting is rather time-consuming on this,
> > and not having everyone start from scratch is rather nice.
> That's why I proposed someone puts up a sort-of-working source package
> someplace first. As long as it's download only I see little difference.

Because we don't have a somewhat working on yet ? 

> > > Let's see a show of hands, shall we?
> >
> > Indeed.
> Eric Cooper seems to have the current patches - can we take that as
> volunteering?

Yes, maybe at least.


Sven Luther

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