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Re: MythTV PPC

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 08:52:57AM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > Well, persecution for what reason? Is there non-free or patented code
> > > included? That's what they usually get serious about.
> >
> > They sue teenager girls because their parents bought software like the kaza
> > stuff or whatever it was, so ...
> And this is relevant for MythTV exactly how?

Because the ftp-masters fear them suing us/SPI/whoever holds debian hardware,
or harbors debian mirrors.

> Besides, I seriously doubt people were sued for _buying_ kazaa. For using
> it to offer copyrighted material for download, maybe. Now who'd want to do

Nope, the teenager girls where only using it in the advertized way, and think
that stuff like bittorent to be usable make you automatically offer stuff for
download if you want it to be useful.

> this with MythTV? And how exactly would MythTV be the first solution to
> rip TV shows to disk for easy distribution? Seems I could do that easily
> with off-the-shelf consumer electronics and ffmpeg ... but involvement of
> ffmpeg can't be the problem here. After all it's in main, meaning it can't
> be patent encumbered, right? Seems a bit silly to me.

Yeah, sure, but who said ftp-masters always act on logical reasoning :)

> Was this ever brought up on -legal?
> > > > Do the ubuntu packages build on powerpc ?
> > >
> > > Or so someone claimed on the list. I wouldn't know.
> >
> > I have seen it run, but it was on gentoo using some highly patched stuff, not
> > really reproducible, the packages from MAtt zimmerman failed to build out of
> > the box.
> That sounds to be a bit harder than initially claimed. Someone needs to
> know diff and patch a bit.

Indeed. And hunt for the patches. They where rather non-obvious to start with.

> > > > None, as you only need to convince the alioth admins and not the ftp-masters.
> > >
> > > Let's first see someone build the Ubuntu packages for ppc. In case I
> > > wasn't clear enough - this is a job that can and should be done by any
> > > user interested in having MythTV for powerpc and capable of running
> > > apt-get source and dpkg-buildpackage on it.
> >
> > I clearly fit this description, but then you need to add someone with time to
> > deal with it :)
> So do I, but finding someone with skills and time among the users was the
> crucial piece here.
> > > If that doesn't work, there's no point in bothering the alioth admins.
> >
> > I disagree, a alioth project means a svn repo, which means people can
> > cooperatively work together on this, instead of a part of the work smoldering
> > on my offline harddisk for example.
> People working cooperatively together means you need those people in the
> first place. Otherwise, patches sitting in google cache are just as
> useful ('people' meaning three to five, ideally, in my book, if this
> code is any like kino in endianness terms).

Nope, you just have to svn co the package and run dpkg-buildpackage, and then
add the patches you need. patches hunting is rather time-consuming on this,
and not having everyone start from scratch is rather nice.

> Let's see a show of hands, shall we?



Sven Luther

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