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Re: MythTV PPC

On Mon, 28 Nov 2005, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

Think about the project and get back to me, maybe this is what we
miss on the PPC platform!:)

What video input device do you intend to use with the Mac Mini ?

Coming in a little bit late on this one - but this is something I've
wanted to set up using my old 8500.

As far as video devices, the (very old) Brooktree based cards (like
the old ixMicro TV card) should work for viewing, but I don't think
they work very well for capture, because of the age of the chipset.
I picked up a Hauppage card a little while back, and the ivtv driver
compiled ...  But there was an endian issue with the device memory,
and since this was still part of my learning, I ran out of time to
pursue it further.  If I remember correctly, later versions of the
ivtv driver started using some x86 assembly, so if we're porting and
wanting to support Myth's hardware, we need to work with that group
to make their drivers endian-safe and platform agnostic...  I have a
couple of other pieces of capture hardware I can play with, and even
help with working on and testing ...  A lot of these are in storage
(moving soon), but I can try to help when things settle down, that is
if we want to do this.


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