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RE: Installing Debian on a RS/6000 Question


The Problem is that the server was installed with AIX, and I don't have the
root password, So I don't have actually access to the AIX system

PS: I wrote the lmail yesterday frm my wife's account :-) my mistake

In advance

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>>>>> "Sandy" == Sandy Elaut <Sandy.Elaut@telenet.be> writes:

    Sandy> Tried both images ... still no luck.  Not booting from the
    Sandy> CD's, it only comes into AIX.

    Sandy> [...deleted...]

    Sandy> I've read about installing the kernel on the Server first,
    Sandy> but they all explain how to write the bootfloppy from
    Sandy> within Linux ... problem is that I don't have a Linux
    Sandy> system over here.

If it is booting into AIX you should be able to use pretty similar
commands to write the floppy. Something along the lines described in
4.3.1 of the sarge install manual


Apologies if I missed something obvious, it's been far too long since
I've used an AIX system, but I do not remember them being *that*
different (?).


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