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Re: success story and RFC: boot debian powerpc from external firewire hd without messing with initrd image

--- Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> ha scritto: 

> Ah, so you compile your own kernel to make it work,
> hardly the best way. What
> you need is firewire support in
> yaird|initramfs-tools.

Beware the yaird package description says firewire is
unsupported and scsi untested. When I have time I will
try to use an initrd kernel, anyway.
> > The resulting kernel will not use initrd, so do
> not
> > use the --initrd
> > option when issuing the make-kpkg command.
> > 
> > The installer will fail when trying to install
> yaboot.
> Can you file a bug report against yaboot-installer
> with this ? 
Done, thank you for the comment and the tip about
kernel < 2.6.14.


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